Fire TV Suggestion: Use Your Mobile Phone As Voice Remote

If you don’t have the Alexa voice remote for your Amazon Fire TV or Fire stick, don’t get worried. Use your mobile phone as Fire TV Remote today and gain access to all voice commands.
This is a nice suggestion for Amazon Fire TV or Fire stick owners: use your phone as voice remote today as an alternative for the Alexa remote.

If you’ve misplaced your Amazon Fire remote or don’t have have a remote that’s Alexa enabled, you may use the Fire TV app on both iPhone and Android as an alternative remote to control your Fire. This program enables you to navigate menus and make use of your voice to quickly get around the Fire TV Stay without requiring a physical remote replacement.

An upgraded Alexa enabled Fire TV remote is usually $30 on Amazon which is right close to the cost of a new Fire Stick. Aswell, it’s in fact unavailable at the hyperlink above during this posting. This may leave you in a good spot if you want a replacement.
To use your phone as Fire TV Remote for your Amazon Fire TV or Fire stick, follow the instructions beneath:

Amazon Fire TV Stay Tip: Use Telephone as Voice Remote
1. Release your phone’s App Shop (both iOS and Google android work because of this tip).
2. Search Amazon Fire TV and down load the Fire TV app to your mobile phone.
3. Ensure that your phone is linked to the same wifi network as your Amazon Fire TV Stick.
4. Release the Fire TV app. When the app syncs up together with your Amazon Fire TV (automatic), it will provide you with a four digit code to enter on your own phone. Enter this directly into sync the remote to the Fire TV.