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Are you a WWE fan? Then sure you want to know everything about it from wwe news to rumors. No doubt that there is no other big company like WWE that conducts professional wrestling and earn revenues from different sources. Therefore, its entire fan search for every possible means to stay informed about it. Do you want to know more about WWE, this page is for you so continue reading?

What is WWE?
World wrestling entertainment is an American company that was founded in the year 1952 by two persons- Toots Mondt and Jess McMahon. Originally it was called by the different name that is capitol wrestling corporation ltd. It is one of the largest entertainment companies that hold more than 500 events per year. The company has various brands in countries more than 150 with more than 36 million viewers. The company has its headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.
All the WWE shows are purely based on entertainment, the shows are scripted, and story drove that includes critical moves. Any moves if performed incorrect put the performers at risk. The company has the vast history and still the most popular entertainment company in wrestling. Therefore, wwe rumors and news are the best entertainment for their fans.
The company got its name in the year 2011. Since then it has become popular worldwide. Many professional wrestlers are its part which takes part in the wrestling matches and other flagships program. Some of the professional wrestlers about whom you might have heard in wwe news are John Cena, Charlotte, and AJ Styles.
Many more wrestlers are there in WWE who are very famous among the fans of different countries. The company has its brand in many countries thus anyone can have the idea of its popularity. Wrestlers of WWE are not only limited to the shows and tournaments, but they also take part in various television shows, films, and music. Therefore, they are widely famous, and their fans thus wait for wwe news.