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How does your product our works? Each and every product contains a chemical called as DHA. Dihydroxyacetone is a simple carbohydrate obtained from sugarcane and plants. This carbohydrate goes in the skin and open the pores, it reacts with the tissues of the skin which make them dark in colour. So, you will a natural tan as same as that you get in sun bath. When considered scientifically this procedure is safer then sunbath, as in sun bath you can get damage by ultraviolet rays and have a risk of getting sunburned.
The colour of the tan you want depends on the amount of DNA present in a product. The higher the amount of DHA the more darker and browner and you will get, similarly the lower the amount of DHA gives you light tan like a sun kissed look. If you want a particular colour then you must do research and choose a product that has appropriate amount of DHA so that you can get a proper tan. So, if you want to get a tan instantly without getting exposed to Sun or ultraviolet rays then this procedure is perfectly suited for you. You can get tanning supplies online from our website. We provide best product along with optimum quality and our products are approved by government so you don’t have to worry about safety .