kegel exercises egg: Transform your sexual and spiritual life

Over the years, women go through a series of stages at all levels, especially hormonal and sexual. When children arrive and after years of marriage, libido and sensuality diminish, and when menopause arrives, our sexual life may worsen.
After the births the vagina is stretched, their muscles lose strength and the nerves tend to desensitize and with the passing of the years, they suffer even more the tissues, besides the well-known vaginal dryness.

The vagina is considered the center of energy and sexual pleasure of women, so since ancient times, there have been techniques and methods to strengthen it and increase that sexual pleasure and power since it is said that this allows them to lengthen their beauty, health and they will stay younger. The ideal moment to start your kegel exercises women.
Within these practices are the yoni egg . Stones carved in the form of eggs to be placed inside the vagina thus strengthening their muscles and providing a series of benefits such as improving blood flow in the vagina and increasing orgasmic power, not only for her benefit but for the couple.
Doing your kegel exercises egg regularly can bring some other favors to a woman’s body such as strengthening the pelvic floor which helps with incontinence and prevention of future prolapses, easier births with less tissue tearing, reduction of premenstrual syndrome. It will help repair nerve endings after a birth, in addition to accelerating the recovery of your body.
There are still many women who do not know about this practice and the benefits they can bring to their lives. In you will know more about this ancient practice and acquire our products such as the Egg Yoni Aventurina Azul or the Egg Yoni Sandstone Blue Gold made in semiprecious stones of the highest quality.
Yoni Egg is an ancient and sacred tool not only to improve your Kegel exercises but also to strengthen your health and spiritual transformation.