Ko Phi Phi Islands of Thailand

Ko Phi Phi is a small island out of six islands of Southern Thailand. It is said to be the most beautiful and easy accessible island you can find in the world. Technically the whole region is a part of Marine National Park but lot of visitors have comes to this beach and reefs for years.

Ko Phi Phi Don is the only largest and most populate island you can find in Phi Phi island tours. You cannot believe how development it has come through over this years. That entirely restricted to its narrow sandbar which separates tow prominent beaches of this island. Famous as the tropical island, you can find lot of activities going around like various supermarkets, tattoo parlors, restaurants and ATM service is also available.
Best boat party Thailand is one of the other major attractions of Ko Phi Phi. Most of this island comes around Ton Sai Village on the lower part that joins two hilly spurs that comprises rest of this island. The island has got devastated by Tsunami that happened in other Asian countries in 2004 when the all infrastructure of island wiped away.
The weather of this region is very tropical climate with two seasons only, hot from January to April and rain during May to December. You can reach the island from Krabi which is a small town at 45 minutes distance. There are long tail boats, ferries and speed boats plenty of them looking to trade. Otherwise you can travel by speedboat from Phuket which is also 45 minutes from northwest. You can find lot of accommodation option in Ko Phi Phi Island. There are guest houses, dorms; hotels and nightlife are much attracted. You may find little expensive than other rest of Thailand. You can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere here without any hustle and bustle in Booze cruise Thailand.