Rules and basic tips to play judi capsa for beginners

gambling capsa (judicapsa) is a famous game now-a-days in Hong Kong. Anyone who has been in Hong Kong or any other south Asian countries must have heard of the name. The game is both interesting as well as very addictive in nature; as a matter of fact most of the gambling games are quite exciting to play, if you know how to play it.

If you are a professional poker player there is nothing new to tell you. You must have a good knowledge about cards and strategies. But for beginners, you definitely should have some knowledge about judi capsa before getting into betting; at least if you do not want to lose your money.
Here are some basic rules of the game that you should know. These tips and rules may help you to play your game better. This game depends on both luck and strategies. First it’s better to know about the rules of the game.
Here card ‘2’ has lowest value and card ‘A’ has highest value. Moreover value of diamond is highest followed by club, heart and spade. For example if you have ‘3’ of spade and your opponent has ‘3’ of club. Then the players with ‘3’ of club is having card of higher value.

When you are playing this game you also must have clear idea about ranking of the cards. One pair has higher card value than single card. Again 2 pair is higher than both single card and 1 pair. Triples, that is 3 cards of same number is even higher than single, 1 pair and 2 pair. Straight has more value than single, 1 pair, 2 pair and triples. Flush is way higher than all these. Full house is higher than flush.
You can also make ‘four of a kind’, which has higher value than single card,1 pair, 2 pair, triples, straight, flush and full house. Straight flush is higher that all the said combination. And if you have a royal straight flush then it’s your day. No one can bit you from winning a jackpot. Judi capsa is a 13 cards game. So it is better to divide the whole lot in 3 parts- top cards, middle card and lower card. Arranging card in this way makes your game systematic and easier.