Should you buy the Sly Profit LE Paintball mask?

Been shopping around for paintball masks? You must have come across the Sly Profit LE at some point in time. With a $80 price tag and an incredible design profile along with exciting color options, there’s no doubt that the Sly Profit LE is a looker.

But, does that it mean that it is the best paintball mask out there. That’s what we will discuss in this post.
First, let’s look at the most important component of a paintball mask which is the lens. The Sly Profit LE has a great lens. The peripheral vision on this mask is very high, thanks to its wide design. The vertical field of vision is however not that great as the nose protector rides up into the lens a bit too much. You might particularly find this annoying if you are the type that likes to get your eyes down the sights, without any obstructions in the way.
The lens also comes without UV protection and scratch protection. But, by spending about $30 to $40 more per lens, you can get UV protection, scratch protection and also advanced protection against fog. That’s not to say that the stock lenses on the Sly Profit LE won’t protect against fog. They actually do a great job at protecting against fog.
The back of the mask features two straps that allow a secure and comfortable fit, without any pinch points. The whole mask is incredibly light, which is impressive as it offers ample surface area to cover all the vital parts of your face. What you will absolutely love about the Sly Profit LE mask is that changing out the lens takes a mere 20 seconds. That is an incredibly fast change out system. In fact, high end masks like the Dye i5 that cost almost three times as much will need you to spend about 15 to 20 seconds to change out the lens.
The Sly Profit LE is a favorite amongst paintball players because it doesn’t discriminate against head sizes. Both small and large heads will easily fit into this mask, thanks to its ergonomic design and excellent straps.