The exciting new 1.6 version Hay Day

Hay Day is an excellent strategy game that is the new rave amongst game lovers. Developed by Space Ape Games it is applicable on Android and iOS. Those who love to play Clash of Clans will love Hay Day too. In this game the player leads an army of Ninjas, Samurai and many other fantastic monsters of the east of glory. They build a strong village and fight against other players. Hay Day is a free game, and you can also purchase some in- game items with real money. However, if you do not wish to buy any more items, you can turn off or disable the in-app purchases settings feature in your device.

The basic strategy of Hay Day Cheats is to lead the army, use multiple strategies and raise your army stronger. Hay Day Hack is a multiple strategy game that takes you to a mystical world. You battle through the forest, the beautiful snowy mountains, and vast deserts round the world. You fight against other online players to capture and loot rare items. Alternatively you can also join forces to create a more powerful army. You can also declare alliance war and compete for leadership and for valuable awards in return.

The latest gaming option available is the new 1.6 version. In this version a new enemy is approaching the sea route. The entire stretch of the beach is filled with their boats. You can see their army as far as eye can reach. The uncomfortably large army armed approaching the coast have hats on which have a pointy spikes over. Why and what are they coming for is the mystery.

The new 1.6 version unfolds the Mongol Invasion with new mission and new excitement. Every week new content and new live events are introduced making it all the more exciting. The Mongol troop is heavily armored. With improved Chat UI and new ways to earn free diamond the new game play is fun and capturing.

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