E-Liquid Buyer’s GuideE-Liquid Buyer’s Guide

E-Liquid Buyer’s GuideE-Liquid Buyer’s Guide

No matter what electronic cigarette you select, E-Liquid is another thing you’ll want. Also called e-juice, this liquid is what makes the vapor when it’s warmed. Many electronic cigarette retailers sell cartomizers and cartridges that happen to be prefilled with e-liquid, but it’s considerably more efficient to refill them after they run dry. Refilling them is straightforward and the hardest part will be determining which e-liquid to buy.

The main ingredient in e-liquids is either propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) or a mixture of the two. Both of these liquids are FDA approved for human ingestion and cause no adverse health effects, which will be what makes electronic such a healthier option to tobacco cigarettes. E-liquid sellers should state whether their product has PG or VG as a base and will frequently state the mixture as a PG/VG ratio. Why combine them? The solution is based on these exceptional properties of both.


• Better throat strike (the tingling sensation on the rear of the throat that mimics a cigarette inhale)

• Thinner consistency wicks through atomizers and cartomizers easier

• No extra sweetness

• Dries out the mouth that may be somewhat irritating to some users


• More vapor production

• Sweeter and much less unpleasant

• Heavier consistency occasionally clogs atomizers

As you can see, both PG and VG have their advantages and a mixture of the two can make the perfect vape. Many sellers will enable the buyer to establish the foundation for the e liquid, from all PG to a 50/50 mixture to all VG. The option is yours!