4 Best Apps for Android in 2017

The playstore is filled with millions of apps that can make your life a little easier. You will find several applications that are designed to perform certain tasks. For example, you will find several applications available like Chrome, Firefox, UC mini etc. for browsing purposes. Similarly, there are many apps that can be used to perform the same task. This article covers four of the best apps in 2017.

1. Comixology Comics
If you’re a comics fan, it will be great to hear that this app allows you to both store and browse through seemingly endless list of comics. If you are a binge reader, there’s also an unlimited subscription available for $5.99 a month which can give you access to thousands of comics all at once.
2. Evernote
This is an easy to use list keeping app which allows you to take notes, record voices, has a to-do manager etc. It can be quite intimidating in the beginning; however, once you figure out what you’re going to use this app for, it becomes extremely easy. You can even access the text on images and make it searchable across all your devices.
3. UC Mini
You can download UC Mini from the playstore. This light weight browser allows you to surf the web even on slower connections. This app is extremely optimized to support slower connections and lower devices which are not supported by many heavy weight browsers like Firefox and Chrome.
4. Facebook Messenger.
Making it on the list as one of the most downloaded apps in 2017, this messenger app has integrated itself with many other service providers. You can instantly send your message across using a sticker, a voice recording, or even a video call if you’ve the right kind of connection.
These were some of more useful apps that can be found on playstore. You can download UC Mini and other apps from the playstore totally free of cost.