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The game has always been related to childhood. Playing is essential for a child to develop healthily, also strengthens their personal relationships, as it must interact with other children perhaps of the same age; It also helps to improve your physical shape, being in constant movement and outdoors, it helps you to create defenses and grow healthily. Undoubtedly, this aspect of childhood is of vital importance for him to become a more focused adolescent, with a group of friends with whom to share and who will help him to feel accepted and supported.

A few decades ago, games like baseball, racing and many others that took place with boys of different ages were very traditional. At the end of the 20th century with the appearance of the computer, a new path for technology began, which invaded all our spaces, modifying the games and converting them into an individual or pair practice directly linked to an electronic equiment. The Atari and many other computer games were created, bringing as a consequence that the boys changed the games abroad by a screen with individual games or as a couple, which has turned them into devoted fans all the free time to find the ways to spend to another level or finish the game to start a more advanced one.

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