Patriot Power Greens Drink

If you would like to experience that effortless energy that you once had as a child, then search no farther than your green drink. Green drinks are intended to boost the body’s pH balance and furnish the crucial nutrients that you want to experience radiant health.

patriot power greens, my personal favorite, is a strong combination of natural grasses, vegetables, sprouted grains, leaves and higher frequency minerals that alkalize energize and nourish cells since they balance your body’s pH level. Patriot Power Greens’s organic plant components help lactic acid and pull on the blood and tissue equilibrium back to its perfect, more alkaline condition.

These raw materials have been accumulated in the purest sources and analyzed using a mass spectrometer to make sure they contain no pesticides or toxins. The last product mix includes more than 125 vitamins, minerals and amino acids (the building blocks of protein), to help balance the body’s pH and supply the nutrients necessary for the production of healthy cells and energy.

Unlike other green drink formulas, Patriot Power Greens comprises no algae or parasites. Each of the top quality components in Patriot Power Greens are made to encourage life, energy and growth. Patriot Power Greens will also be highly concentrated. It requires more than one pound of fresh ingredients to create only 1 oz of Patriot Power Greens, leading to a 20:1 concentration.

Besides the quality and concentration of its components, Patriot Power Greens stands out from other green drinks as a result of a proprietary process called Micro-Ionization. This procedure includes breaking down the Patriot Power Greens components to tiny particles called colloids, which are easy for your body’s cells to consume. These particles are then electrically charged using a frequency of over 250 megahertz, to further boost their assimilation.

Researchers have noticed that the greater the vibration frequency of a food, the better it encourages life and energy. Our bodies take at least 70 megahertz to work optimally. Raw, organic vegetables have a frequency of about 70 to 90 megahertz. A cheeseburger or French presses, in contrast, has a frequency of about 3 to 7 megahertz.