What is Toto 4D lucky number?

4D is a lottery system conducted in various countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Germany. In this method, an individual has to choose a random number ranging between 0000-9999. In each draw, twenty-three numbers are drawn. If one of these numbers matches the number selected by a player (toto 4D lucky number); then he/she wins the lottery. It is a fixed odd game. Illegal bodies at times organize such kinds of games, so one has to make sure not to fall in their prey.
Luckily these kinds of games are organized in by legal bodies also. Magnum 4D is one such example. It is a legalized body by the government of Malaysia. Soon after magnum 4D became popular, other lottery operators also started emerging in the market.

How to play Ramalan 4D?
This game is easy to play. One has to join 4D lottery then select favorite lottery number. One can either buy directly from the operator or via online. Wait for draw date to confirm whether you won or not. There is no restriction on purchasing the number of tickets.
Point to remember
• Before you buy4D Toto tickets, you should note the following points:
• You must be older than 21 years.
• You must be a resident of Malaysia
• You need to present your identity card (preferably passbook) to claim your prize money.
• Lottery winning prizes are nontaxable (isn’t that a great news)
• You should keep your ticket in the good state. It should not be crumpled or torn away.
Earning money quickly and easily is something everyone wants. The lottery system is a boon for such people. Now after reading this article you have a basic idea of what is a Ramalan 4D lottery system and points to remember about the same. Go ahead and try your hands on your luck!!!
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