What types of drugs should organizations test for?

One of the most important factors organizations must determine in their workplace drug testing programs is the different types of substances they should test for. Basically, organizations are not the same and employees will use different types of drugs depending on what is locally available and their working environments. It is therefore very important that organizations should remain current on the different types of drugs they will be testing for from time to time. Many organizations today use the standard 5-panel drug test. While this drug test screens for 5 illegal substances, it will not detect most drugs including prescription medications. This is why companies are now conducting 12 panel drug tests to screen for more drugs.

But before an organization can expand its drug testing panels and include the 12 panel drug test, the organization must know the different types of drugs that are commonly used around their area. This information can be gathered from a local drug and substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation center. In essence, there are specific drugs that all organizations should include in their testing programs. These drugs include amphetamines, benzodiazepines, cocaine, methadone, oxycodone, opiates and THC. THC is an active ingredient in marijuana.

One thing to understand about methadone and oxycodone is that these substances will not show up on opiates screen. In an area where fentanyl and Dilaudid are abused, additional tests will be required. Another factor to note is that before making any changes to a workplace drug testing policy, organizations should consult with lawyers experienced in such matters to review the new drug testing procedures and policies. This factor is very important when expanding from 5-panel drug testing to drug testing for 12 drugs. A legal review ensures that both the organization’s actions and the testing processes and policies are in compliance with the laid down federal, state and local regulations and laws. click here to get more information DrugTestsInBulk.com.