What types of color used in the banner print?

As you all know that the banner print (banner drucken) is the main source of outdoors advertisements. The banners prints are made up of different types of the sheets, which are, flex, vinyl etc. The banners sheets are made up from these types of sheets because it helps to protect from the harsh weather like rain. Among this sheet nowadays the most common print of banner used is the tarpaulin banner. As compared to the flex this tarpaulin had much more advantages.

What are the types of tarpaulin banner print?
As you all know that tarpaulin banner print is mainly made up of tarpaulin sheet. The following are the types of the tarpaulin banner, and they are:
• Polyethylene tarpaulin – polyethylene sheets are mainly a non-traditional fabric, but it is a laminate sheet material. The material used in the polyethylene tarpaulin sheet is mainly used to stretch the banner. They are also waterproof.These types of the sheet can be made of low-density polyethylene or high-density polyethylene. The most beneficial of this polythene is that when it is exposed to sunlight, it absorbs the UV rays. Which when it absorbs it expands. So it is very much suitable for the outdoor advertisement.

• Canvas tarpaulin – in the canvas tarpaulin, you can say that this is not 100% waterproof. But to some extent, this is the water resistant. If the water is used for the shorter period, this will maybe not affect them. But if the water is used for a long time this may destroy the effect of the print.
• Vinyl tarpaulin – the vinyl tarpaulin are making made from the industrial grade. The sheet made in industrial is mainly used for the heavy duty. The industrial grade also makes the vinyl tarpaulin water resistance.
What are the colors used in the tarpaulin banners print?
The following colors used in the tarpaulin banner print and they are:
• Blue
• Brown
• Yellow
• Orange
• Green
• Silver